Promoting Your Brand on Social Media - Jennifer's Recap

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On Monday I attended TheBizDen Business Summit: The Rise of the Chief Listening Officer, a series of panel on social media and how to listen to your audience, especially targeted to students, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Most speakers were young founders of their own company, creative minds and social media experts. There, once again I realized social media's power of attraction for entrepreneurs, who whether want to work in that field or use social media platforms to help launch their business. The key idea was to listen to what your audience has to say, answer, engage and not talk only about yourself or your company. Talk about what is interesting to whoever reads your posts. But to know what they want to read about, you first have to listen.

Businesses aren't the only ones using social media to talk about their products or activities. Any individual is his/her own brand and can use social media to promote this brand. Filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearn shared one of his blogs on online distribution and monetization of his films on his personal social networks. In other words, he promoted his brand (his work) online. The result: his story was re-shared and it made some of his fellow filmmakers want to join Film Annex and have the same experience Jeff had.

While we wait for those future Film Annexer, here is this week's new content. Filmmaker Miguel Angel Font Bisier added a few behind the scenes video to his web TV: bloopers from his film Llagas and an inside look at the shooting of Sinnside. Zacuto Films continued their FilmFellas web series with new episodes and a Great Camera Shootout video with several cinematographers sharing their experience and thoughts on cinema. Independent filmmakers Alex Nakone and Andrei Gostin also contributed with their vision on films and why they make them.

And if you missed the two exclusive releases of the week (Persephone by Lisa Stock and the trailer of Shine by Andy Parker), check out the Film Annex Newsletter and my article on Lisa Stock's web series premiere.

- Jennifer

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