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A photo shoot for the U.S. Women’s Wrestling Team has now commenced and the first official project for Chick Wrestler is now underway. 

The objective is to create a poster for the Team that represents them in the light that they felt most beautiful.  We believe it’s important for each girl to be empowered, defining who they are naturally rather than to have predetermined expectations. 

Our goal is to gain revenue for U.S Women's Wrestling Team training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Posters will be on sale for $20 at the Asics Senior Nationals taking place in Las Vegas, NV, 17-20 April 2013.  Women’s Competition will be taking place Friday 19-20 April at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Sneak-Peek Poster Concept (below)


Being apart of productions of this kind can be complicated and intense. These women came together with an impressive "team" ethic. It is the beginning of many more marketing promotions to come for these elite athletes. If you want to sponsor the US Women's Team via these CW productions please me via Facebook (Leigh Jaynes), Twitter @Chick_Wrestler, or Film Annex simply by message. 

At this shoot we borrowed lighting and used a camera phone for interview to keep the cost low.  Following this shoot we hope to yield approximately $20,000…$3,000 going to the cost of production and $17,000 directly to the women’s team via LJ Wrestling LLC. 

Current Needs:

1.  Purchase quality lighting that can be re-used by USA Wrestlers and athletes for promotions.

2.  Purchase a lens for our camera (the dog literally ate it.) chuckles... or donate of a quality digital camera with lens options. The better the equipment the better the product.

3.  Purchase make up and styling products with a dressing light/mirror... to enhance all skin tones and allowing the athletes to shine under the harsh lights.   

4. Video equipment and boom microphone.  We have a poor camera; therefore we have poor image and sound quality at this time and believe it is worth it to obtain good equipment for future productions. 

A sincere thank you goes to all involved.

Watch the Interview

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