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Today pollution is most serious problem of country like Pakistan ,India ETC .......Its harm the body system and create a harmful  diseases..it is serious problem so we can take action on these problem..These pollution has discuss been here...



                                     Water pollution is become the serious problem ...water pipes are mix with gutter pipe line so create a big trouble....Government should take issues in these problem and solve it.. Some places has big dig so water still in these dig and different bacteria produce..its cause diseases like vomit,malaria ETC....Today ,new disease introduce its name Daangea



                               Air pollution is big cause polluted smoke..city are so big .The factories are situated  here...Factories take out dust and poison gases it harmful for our body and system ... AIR pollution create asthma and different diseases.......


LAND POLLUTION;land pollution create land problem ...its create moisture in land ,...fertile land become uncultivated land ....vegetable and fruit are not grow in this land....acid rain are cause of land pollution......it destroy all the cultivated land...

Government should take action to solve the problem.....


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