Punta Bulata Resort and Spa is a Hidden Gem in Cauayan Negros Occidental!

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Negros Occidental is a laid back type of island, I can see no rush in the vehicles, in the locals and definitely in the tourist spots. At the local market, we could spot the locals very calm and relaxed. Even at restaurants, I couldn't even hear any harsh words from the locals' mouths. They speak Hiligaynon but they also understand Cebuano so when we were talking in Bisaya, they are still able to understand.


It's me in the hammock very near to the shoreline. I was kinda emoting at this post. Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

Research perceived that there's a nearby beach resort so-called Punta Bulata Resort and Spa from where our cottage is located, Natural Native Sea View Cottage. And of course, we wouldn't want to miss that before we travel back to Cebu.

On our second day in Cauayan, Negros Occidental, we went out of the cottage although it was really hard to do so because we sure love to just chill and stay inside. But then again, we can't let that day go by without checking the nearby places. Read why we fell in love with the cottage on a hill:

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Punta Bulata Resort and Spa is just 20-30 minutes away from our cottage, so in this blog, let me tour you around Punta Bulata Resort and Spa as well as why I consider it as a hidden gem in Cauayan, Negros Occidental. I have listed a few things which one can see when in Punta Bulata as well as their good service and food!


Reason #1. Bumpy Rocky Road Leads to the Resort

Facing the Sulu Sea with a huge 20-hectare land, situated ten minutes away from the main highway with a rocky path towards it, we were given a treat of a bumpy and just energy pumping ride.


The video above shows the airy balcony, the in-house restaurant in the resort. Video credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

But the side view was also a treat for us because of the laid-back provincial life. It reminded me of our home in Bohol, with almost no vehicle going with or opposite to us. This is the type of travel where we couldn't spot any other traveler on the road but was surprised only after arriving at the location because they were fully booked!

Another interesting at the road for us was the view of some abandoned oil containers at the shoreline. We would love to fly the drone at that spot but the wind was super strong that we were afraid we might lose it.

Reason #2. Perfect Ambiance

A high metal gate greeted us upon reaching the resort. It was already 15 minutes drive when we thought that we have been driving too long without any sign of the resort but finally found the Punta Bulata Resort and Spa.


Truly a nice four storey building with a combination of native and concrete structure. Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

The Punta Bulata Resort and Spa guard went out to meet us and sadly notified that they were fully booked so they won't accept day trekkers but they would accept those who would like to dine in at their restaurant so we instead asked if we could just dine in instead.

We finally got inside, welcomed by a spacious parking area. Four story building is spotted after a steep concrete road going down where the front desk is located. We were again greeted with sweet smiles by the staff in cool blue-green uniform then showed us to the balcony, they're the in-house restaurant.


There were a couple of lobbies I spotted while on our way to the lobby. This is one of the many. Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

Walking towards the balcony was a joy and fun to do because of the view and ambiance treat. We slowly passed by a nice patio with wooden chairs and lounges. Spotted the capiz-shell doors from the hallway, I was super tempted to check what's inside but of course, they were fully booked which means there are guests inside.


Oh yes, Capiz-shell doors and windows! These look historical. Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com


Here's the pathway towards the pool which was the same spot use to get access to the balcony. Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

From there, we walk past the infinity swimming pool, I could smell the sea breeze from while roaming. White umbrellas positioned at the left faction of the pool with comfortable foam chairs too! I guess the pool has this bean like form.


The infinity pool as seen from the lobby. Photo credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

We conveyed the stairs to reach to the beach front where the restaurant is located, we walked in the green and nicely trimmed grass lawns. A few huts and rooms were at our right, I could see the native-themed restaurant but the white sand beach was also inviting! Too bad we don't have the chance to take go swimming.

But aside from that, there were tropical nipa huts at the beach shoreline, hammocks too which were really cool, one of which was hanged from one of the coconut trees very near to the beach waters. I went for a photo op there but done after lunch instead.

Video credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

High and tall tropical coconut trees with leaves waving and cheering as the strong winds move. There were still other cottages distributed around the entire resort.

They have a lot of types of accommodations, based on their website, they have hill cottage, beach bungalow, superior with balcony, superior, deluxe, premiere sea view, sea view with terrace, beach cabana, beach casita and hillside casita. That's too much list for me but that's what they provide.

Reason #3. Good Food at their Restaurant Balcony


The many foods ordered at Punta Bulata Resort and Spa. All of these cost us Php 1200 including the service charge. Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

Sat at the end table of the restaurant, the white cloths hanging from the ceiling was making me feel fresh and cool. A staff in the same uniform gave me a menu to select our orders.


Native and rustic themed restaurant which they call balcony. Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

The laid out food menu made me hungry because it was almost 12 noon and the travel took a bit. I ordered a couple of items:

Garlic Mushroom Chicken at Php 200
Fish Curry at Php 220
Steamed Rice at Php 40
Garlic Rice at Php 50
Pancit Canton Guisado at Php 165
Squash Soup at Php 85
Calamares at Php 185
Banana Cake at Php 50
Cinnamon Rolls at Php 50
Fresh Calamansi Juice at Php 40
Fresh Mango Juice at Php 80

Yes, I felt like I went overboard in order, my husband was away taking photos of the view so he left the task to my hand.


The fresh calamansi juice I ordered for myself. This only costs Php 40. Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com


Here's the yummy chicken curry with sliced pieces of mangoes.Image credits to Jean Beltran via bitLanders.com

Waiting time was not too long, I guess it was just around 15 minutes and the order started showing on our table. The picture taking started as well until all the orders arrived.

The food was really yummy but my favorite was the squash soup and the fresh juices. The chicken was good too especially the curry as it has some mango slices in it.

Realizing that this is a secluded area of Cauayan concludes that this is indeed a gem. The other guests around were from Bacolod City which means they had to travel for four hours for nothing, Punta Bulata Spa and Resort is definitely a gem!


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