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People wont stay united in a state where injustice is done to smaller communities and where people belonging to small provinces are exploited. Pakistan has been doing this since its independence and Pashtuns and Balochs are still living in stone age where as the punjabi elite is enjoying each and every facility of life. Baloch and pashtun children are killed every now and then while rest of the Pakistanis dont even care. If we want to see a united pakistan the state will have to put an end to biased behavior and provide each and every one of its citizens with the basic facilities and finally i would call myself pakistani when each and every citizen of this country is treated in the same way be it any way i dont care what i care about is justice and equality should prevail. In such an ideal state there will be then no room for such pseudo nationalists as you claim but untill and unless they do not stop treating people in the way they are doing today many more such nationalists will be born.

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