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Who is QoinPro?

During our QoinPro Review we were surprised to find how transparent they are with their business contact information. QoinPro is an officially registered company in Hong Kong and their Business Address is on their website. The CEOs name is Wouter van der Shagt. QoinPro was invented in December of 2013 and was officially launched in January of 2014. QoinPro has a social media presence across all the major sites and they seem to be active on them. They have a Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+1 that is fairly active with social media posts.

What is QoinPro?

QoinPro is currently a website where just by opening an account they will deposit fractions of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin into your account. The system is 90% automatic, all you have to do is open an account at their website and the coins will be deposited daily. To withdraw you have to request manually.


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Why does QoinPro give me Free Bitcoins ?

QoinPro seems to be giving out Free Bitcoins as an incentive to join their website. Their strategy looks as if they are raising a massive Bitcoin user base so they can then further launch new Bitcoin related products. This is based from the info they include in their “Our vision of the future” section of their website. We assume that they will eventually get into the Bitcoin affiliate marketing space and begin pushing sister and partner products on their user base.

How often can I get Free Bitcoins from QoinPro ?

Free Bitcoins are deposited automatically every 24 hours into your QoinPro account. You do not have to request them yourself.

Maximize QoinPro Free Bitcoins

The best way to get lots of Free Bitcoins from QoinPro is by referring other Bitcoin lovers to the website using your personal QoinPro referral link that you receive when you log into the website. When users click your referral link and sign up you will get a boost to the daily amount of coins deposited into your account.

Withdrawal from QoinPro

Withdrawal from QoinPro has to be done manually by logging into your account and requesting a payout. There is a minimum payout that can be reached in a few weeks if you do not refer anyone to the website. We strongly suggest that you use your referral link from them to increase your daily amount of Free Bitcoins.


Overall QoinPro is possibly the easiest way to Free Bitcoins. All that is required is the setup of an account and waiting a few weeks for the fractions of Bitcoin to accumulate.


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