Ramadan feels like Ramadan only in your home country!

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I remember those times when there was happiness when the Ramadan started, everybody was up till late praying, getting everything ready for the sehris. There would be many dishes in the aftaris to eat, to drink, everyone would rush to the mosques when it was time of the prayers. Mothers would get the food ready and give us to take it to the neighbour's house, give it to the poor in the area. Now here i am in England looking at the selfish muslims, no happiness of Ramadan. Everyone busy in the jobs and life. I remember a guy who is owner of many shops, earns thousands of pounds a month and he would bring aftari for one of his worker in the shop and what would the aftari be? can you imagine? 2 pakoras and a few bites of may be rice or anything else and i was amazed that this is the limit of cheapness. I wish the same guy was there with me in Pakistan so i could show him that even the poor people give more than this to others. I think all these people should be ashamed of themselves. 

And here i am, its the month of ramadan, we get to hear the azaan, have to aftar with our cell phones' alarm, have to end the sehri with cell phone's alarm, have to pray with cell phone's alarm. Have to cook for ourselves, only one dish or may be two max in aftari and miss home like hell! 

Be proud of your home country and thank God for everything you have!


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