Rank 5 For A Day

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During those times when buzz bonuses are so in, I just content myself looking at my fellow Filipinos buzz score because I know I could not reach what they have achieved. My rank will go only from 7 to 10 that time. And then after the expiration of buzz bonuses, my score went down drastically! From 110+ it went down to 90's. And so I've decided to cash out and submit a blog for review at the same time to save my weeping buzz score.

But changes happened and I did not get any bonus points from the cash out I made. Good thing Hillary had my blog reviewed yesterday night which made my base buzz increase a bit plus I had an addition +5 buzz bonus for 5 days. It's a big help.

Now I'm already at Rank 5. Not bad! At least I get to be 4 steps closer to Sis Jean. Hahaha! I know it'll be just for a day so I'm saving this screenshot up and I also wrote a blog for a remembrance. Haha


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