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Want To Make Easy Daily Money Like This?
Then Listen Up!
I‟m Here To Show You The
Secrets Of Making $800+ per month with
Google Adsense
Yahoo/Bing Ads (
This e-book will discuss:
 How to get started
 How to set up your blog
 The Lingo
 Tips
Before we begin on how to get started it is important to
highlight something‟s to make you eligible. Let me start off by
saying that this is a gray hat, although some people might look
at this as a black hat. This is Ad exchanging and what I mean by
that is you give someone your website that has your ads on it
and they give you theirs and you both click each other‟s ads to
make money. Exchanging can take upwards to 10+ minutes
making about $1-5 on Adsense and $1-10+ Yahoo/Bing for
every click (they vary).
How to get started
So if you decided that you want to do this then great. You need
to join a group with a variety of different people from different
locations. Let‟s check your eligibility into our group. First you
need to be able to change your IP address every 24 hours.
Check if you have a Dynamic or Static IP Address:
1. IP should already be inserted just click “Lookup IP Address”
2. Look under “General IP Information” and find “Assignment” if it
says Dynamic IP and your ISP is reliable then you are eligible
otherwise if it says static you are not eligible.
It is important to have to change your IP every 24 hours because
this reduces bans from the ad network. One IP for every person
you exchange with per day.
For example, you exchanged with Jimmy today but tomorrow
you want to exchange with Jimmy again so you need a new IP
How do you change your IP Daily:
MAC spoofing is one way to do this. To do MAC spoofing you
need to access your router settings. I am using a Linksys router
other routers have this option.
1. go to setup tab then click mac address clone
2. change one of the letters or numbers then click save
3. disconnect router then disconnect modem
4. wait 5-10 seconds plug in modem first wait for it to boot up
all the way
5. plug in router now
6. Check to see if your IP address changed by going here
Here is another way to change your IP address
If you have a DSL modem it‟s usually fairly easy just un-plug
your DSL/Cable modem and wait 5 – 15 minutes.
After you plug your modem back in, verify that your IP address
has indeed changed
Google “what is my IP address”
There are other ways to change your IP address but I will not go
into them right now for the sake of length of this Ebook
So now you’re eligible:
Things You‟ll Need:
 A Computer with a reliable ISP and dynamic IP.
 Palringo
 Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
 An Hour or a Couple Hours a DAY!
That‟s it!
After You Download & Install Palringo:
1. Join [adexchanger] on Palringo
2. Password to join group Cash$$$
3. After you joined contact one of the owners/admins/mods to
verify you they will help you get into the real group the
group you joined is just for verification of your eligibility.
4. If you have questions upon changing your IP address
DAILY or anything else please ask the admins and mods.
**The verification process requires you to show us that you can change your IP and we check to see that
you don‟t use VPS, VPN‟s or any other forms of proxies.
How to set up your blog
Now the fun stuff! Generally it‟s best to spend most of your time
on this part because this will determine how much money you
will make.
There are several types of niches I‟ve seen that work pretty well:
 Education
 Insurance
 Loans
 Mortgages
 Health
I recommend Education personally
So pick one wisely…
Now that you got your niche:
You need a website either (free) or wordpress with
your own hosting and domain (usually cost money). I
recommend wordpress with hosting and domain because you
have more control over it.
If you decide to go with the wordpress option:
 I would like to provide you with a free hosting service
 And a 0.50 cent domain (limited time offer)
And again if you need help with any of this please ask the
admins or mods
Now that you signed up with blogger or got your wordpress
up and running you need to get a good design make it look
legit. Start making content/articles; I would not take post
directly from other sites because it is best to have 100%
original content. Make around 20+ articles with keywords
related to your niche. I found that spinning articles and
using a plagiarism checker works pretty well.
You will also need traffic to your site, if you can‟t get legit
traffic to your site use Hitleap. If you think that Hitleap will
get you banned we have a way so that it won‟t, just ask us.
If you don‟t have a Hitleap account sign up for Hitleap here
Now your blogs all set, sign up for adsense and yahoo/bing
ads and start earning some cash.
The Lingo
An „ex‟ is short for „exchange.‟
You send someone your „req‟ and they
will send you their „req‟ (req = request)
A common request may look like this:
Let me go ahead and explain some quick „lingo‟ to you
Imps = impressions (views)
If a user requests “15 imps + 2c”
That means 15 views + 2 clicks
You are required to view 15 “different
pages” on that users site.
This is done so that the CTR ratio is
perfect. You can‟t just have a bunch of
users coming to your site and clicking 1 ad
on the first page.
That‟s why you have people view pages
on your site, and why you view pages on
their site.
You can‟t just press F5 15 times. That‟s
not a true IMPS and that will get you
kicked out of our group
putting you at risk and others at risk for ban.
To start an exchange it is common to ask the person if
he/she wants to ex don‟t just send them your req. Message
them saying “ex?” they will reply with a “yes” or with their
own req.
Follow people’s requests
properly and they will
follow yours properly.
Sharing is caring and we‟re all here to
make money together. Don‟t be a dick.
If you piss somebody off there is pretty good chance they
won‟t ex with you again. People talk in this group and let
others know who is good to ex and who isn‟t changing their
IP daily, etc. So it is good to keep a good reputation for
yourself as it will mean more money for you.
Send proof to the person you are exchanging with it is a
way for their verification that you clicked the ad and they
will do the same for you.
Sending proof:
Send proof without http:// or www.
Like this *
Or NOT LIKE this
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DO NOT DO THAT!
Once you‟re done exchanging for the day,
That is all you have to know basically
Ask any admins or mods for help I can‟t stress that enough
When exing ask for 1 click on your adsense
Ask for 1-2 clicks (don‟t always do 2) on your yahoo/bing
Keep earnings low during first few months to keep your
risk of ban low
Add content and not be a lazy ass thinking you're going to
make $1k with a shitty 5 post blog
Try to get legit views instead of just Hitleap views
Sometimes Ex with Tier 2 & Tier 3 countries if your traffic
comes from those countries.
Have the mindset of making your website with legit traffic
and legit clicks, it won‟t happen overnight but make it an
effort. One day you might be able to sell your site for
sustainable amount of money or make it a living.
Don‟t be greedy!!


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