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Hi Peeps, in this blog I want to share another topic related to books and reading again - this time a book Tag! This tag was started by About To Read called Reader Problems Tag. Basically, it has several questions related to how reader coping with common avid reader problems. So, let’s start!


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Reader Problems Tag


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Currently, my physical to-be-read (TBR) is not that ginormous - only around 30 books, but it's getting more and more problematic as it extends to higher pile than the previous month. Well, I don't have a specific method when determining the next book to read. I just choose the book that catches my attention at that time. Sometimes I just pick the sequel from the book that I just read but most of the time I choose out of random, yeah that simple. When I pick next book to read, I just go with my gut and which one of those babies that catch my attention.


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The main reason I am in love with reading because it's an enjoyable experience. So, when I'm not into a book that I currently reading or I don't feel the passion to continue, I will drop it. I will pick the new one and might come back to read that book again once I get the mood. I don’t force my self to finished the book when I was not enjoying it. It was what happened to me when I read Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I was trying to read it for the first time back in the beginning of this year, but because of some reason, I lost interest in the first quarter of the book. Then last month, I picked it again and I fly through that 338 pages in one-sitting less than 3hrs.


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This is the most related questions to me now because it happens to my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge. Thanks to my previous Reading Slump back in July, I still have not passed 50% of my goal to read 50 books in 2017 as I only read 13 books.

I am not a huge fan of planning but I can’t stand when I failed the challenge. So, what I currently do are:

  1. I pick several books to complete my Reading Challenge and I choose the books that I know I would love it - Fantasy obviously as it’s my favorite genre
  2. I choose the books which not a big chunk one - the one around 200-400 pages
    Simple logic, 500-700 books will take a longer time to finished means less amount of book that could help me to save me from my first ever failing the Goodreads Reading Challenge.
  3. Prepare several audiobooks either for the book that I am physically own or not.
    As I explain in my previous blog - 4 Things You Can Do While Listening to the Audiobook, the audiobook is my favorite because I can multitask. 

So far, I managed to read 7 books in the past 2 weeks. It’s not that mind-blowing amount - I am still 40% of my Reading Challenge, but if I can reach 50% by considering the time frame I am still quite proud of my self.  I plan to set the same goal for next year and I will talk in detail on my next blog soon.


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Not just love to read the books I also love collecting them. So, when book covers of a series do not match, It drives me nuts! I want all those babies to look gorgeous on my bookshelf.

I had this nightmare when I purchased The Mortal Instruments Series from an online bookstore. These series have several editions with the different cover. Initially, I made the order because I am planning to collect that particular edition. But, when the package came, it turns out all 3 books that I was ordered are the different edition. Oh My God! So, I sold all of them and re-purchased the hardback.

The other issue I have is when book series come with different size! - well actually book in general. The reasons I prefer hardback over paperback due to the consistency of its size. So far there are only two sizes of hardback -  I called it the tall one and the short one. But paperback size it's really got my nerves because most of the time they usually come in different sizes. There’s no such thing as the standard size for a paperback, sometimes they are taller, sometimes shorter, sometimes even paperback come in the same high as the hardback. It really annoys me because I hate when my books look like steps on my shelf. And when it comes to series it's driving me insane because I love to put all series together on my bookshelf.

So to avoid the grumpy me, I prefer to buy the hardback or buy the box set because it will definitely come with same size and same cover. The only downside of buying the box set is I need to wait longer until the latest book on the series released. The other way to cope with my frustration by arranging my bookshelf in a rainbow system


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Most of the time, I read a book in my bedroom. So far I never have the experience to cry in public but I’ve screamed oh my good when I was in the queue for my passport renewal when I was reading Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid. I also have cried like someone lost their beloved pets in front of my friend when I was reading Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Claire weeks ago. Well, I never shy to express my feeling when I am reading a book - mostly because I just too much invested to the book that I am reading and simply not aware of my surroundings.


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Well, I never encountered this situation because I always remember at least the main story and how the story ends in the previous novel. Also, since I love to read fantasy and most of the time it’s always come as series, usually the sequel will pick up from the ending of the previous book. So although if I might not remember precisely and only remember the rough idea, after reading a couple of pages I usually able to recall more detail of the story.


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Reading Slump is when you want to read but you just can't find a book that satisfied your need to read. So, Reading Slump is not just when you don’t want to read, but it’s when you just can't bring yourself to reading although you already tried several ways.

I just came through this nightmare this month. For past couple months, I was in the worst Reading Slump that I ever encountered. When I am in Reading Slump, I don't force myself to read, because it just makes me drowning in the Reading Slump. I just try to make myself interest again to read. Mostly, what I do when I am in reading slump only this two:

  1.  Re-Read My Favorites

    By re-visiting the story that you already fall in love with will help to trigger the nostalgic memory that you have with the book. You can enjoy the book and its story with less or no effort since its something that you already familiar with. Plus, a guarantee that you will love the book that you are reading. Harry Potter always my number one options. I grew up with that story, I re-watch the movies numerous times, and I even can remember each line and sentence that will start each chapter. 

  2. Embrace the Reading Slump

    Sometimes you just need to take a break to bring back your excitement, including from the things that you love the most. Forcing yourself to do something that you are not into at that moment, could make it worst. Try to do your others hobbies or even try something new. I found the  Korean Drama: Fight for My Way because of my Reading Slump.


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No particular time. Once I get the feeling and a book screaming my name to pick it up then I will read it. As I said above, I don’t have a specific method to pick up the book. I know some of the people prioritize to read the books that sitting longer on their bookshelf, but for me, I just simply read any book that I want to read.



That’s it! For all of you who are a bibliophile, I would love to read your blog about this tag as well.
Until the next blog, xoxo, haraka

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