Reality in Same Sex Relationship

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Reality in Same Sex Relationship


I have read this post today and I feel that it is worth sharing to know the thoughts and comments of the people all over the world who was able to read this. The post stated:

"I cried, yes super cried, promise! :'( when I read these thoughts. I have already experienced this...."

"I felt my heart is about to burst in pain. :'( I saw him with someone else. It really hurts. Really, really hurts! It is so painful but I have to accept it, and I really need to. It's only me, myself and I who can start helping first. No one else but me. :)

If the most important and loved person has been snatched or taken away from you, do not cry, let it be, set him free. Always bear in your mind that will he be in someone's else arms if he really loves you? One more thing, will he be searching for somebody else and replace if you are really the one in his heart?

Why should you waste your time with that person who is not willing and capable to fight for you? It is really hard and hurting to accept the truth, but ... it is more painful to continuously fool yourself and remains foolishly fooled".

This post was originally written in Filipino but I hope I have given justice to the feelings of the writer that he wants to convey. Anyways, it is the feelings and not the words used that give life to the story. Some words cannot really fathom the depth of the writer's emotions that he wants to express. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts and comments.


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