Reconnecting to Nature at Lava Mountain River Farm

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"The perfect definition of detoxification from the internet and the city pollution."

- Jean Figues


Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

Hello, bitLanders! I couldn't contain how glad I am to get no access from the internet for a whole 24 hours, it refreshed, say it recharged my mind, reset my priorities and definitely reconnect me with nature. But there's much more reason and pleasure for this getaway which I will share on a separate blog. For now, allow me to give you a taste of serenity at the mountains of Bonbon, Cebu.

En Route to Bonbon and Lava Mountain River Farm

A white van stopped right in front of us, it opened up with many unfamiliar smiling individuals who confirmed that we were in the correct vehicle and must hop in. The front seats were available, and I thought it is a perfect spot to take a hyperlapse video of our trip.

Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

It was 10:40 in the morning when our road trip towards the mountains started. It felt exciting to be in a group of individuals who are committed to Christ, it has been a while since I had joined one. So that familiar feeling of excitement and looking forward was in me most especially that it was an event with my husband James.

Concrete roads shifted into a semi one, most of the parts of the road had been destroyed, I assumed the earthquakes in the past caused this or perhaps due to heavy vehicles which had passed by this road.


Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

It didn't take long before we reached the intersection which has the note that the farm's just 3 kilometers away. But it really felt like the three kilometers was a bit longer as we arrived at a very secluded area but then we spotted a barangay hall which I guess had the worst road going there. Anyway, after hundreds of inhales and exhales I have heard from Kuya Rolly, our driver, we finally saw the light as a maroon colored metal gate showed at the distance, it bears Lava Mountain River Farm.

Lava Mountain River Farm


Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

I switched my mobile phone to airplane mode immediately as I couldn't spot any signal bar, it would be exciting not to receive any mobile notification this entire stay and I believe this is the perfect definition of detoxification from the internet and the city pollution as although it is just 45 minutes away from the city, it doesn't have any signs of being near. No signal, no internet connection, no social media, no digital beeping but all about nature.

Reconnecting or getting close to nature is easy peasy here, I will talk about that in a bit. Let me provide more details of the location first.

The Lava Mountain River Farm is a mango farm with a rest house, a flowing private infinity pool, Balinese style loft huts and cottages as well as a stone house. It has one of the most unique house designs James and I had stayed.


Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

From its name, the farm itself sits beside a river named Mananga and there's a direct access towards this from the farm where guests can go trekking towards the waterfalls which is the source of the river.

Aside from that, there's a huge open land area that guests can roam around and try to discover its natural resources, there's also a fishing pond, a campfire space too which we used that night.

Huts, Rooms Plus Unique Toilet and Bath


Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

For me, rooms and its amenities tell a lot about a resort. For me, this has a unique style, one of which reminded me of that cottage on a hill we rented for two days in Negros. Its dark painted interiors, as well as exteriors, gave me a historic feel but it also somehow has an added modern touch.

There were basically four sleeping quarters slash rooms. Three of them were hut designed and there's one which they refer to as the stone house which is literally made of those rocks from limestone rocks.

Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

An open lounge which also served as a dining place is right next to the pool and provides a Balinese touch to the resort. Concrete stairs with limestones too have to be used to get to the rest of the huts. One cool hut was that next to the lounge. Its an open space and the staffs arrange bed foams with pillows and blankets. This was where the boys stayed during the night.

As for the ladies, the upper hut was given. This looks beautiful from the lounge area, the flowers at the side of the rocky stairs added beauty to it plus the lush green trees at the back adds contrast. I found two huge pans below the hut, I wonder if they have this intended for cooking or just for props purposes?


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Cloudinary

Getting to the toilet was an experience I didn't expect that I have to mention that here too. First toilet and bath that I had discovered were that of our room. After being assigned where to sleep, I went to the hut right away, tucked my bag on a bed with white linens and proceeded to the bathroom.

Limestone rocks used as walls and soap dishes, a nicely positioned long mirror which allows you to see your entire body, spacious and the most exciting is it has plants inside! A crawling plant with its leaves invading the interior which even has reached the showers! Plus, its upper walls were open, the skies the trees are visible from the shower area which made me felt like I was taking a bath in the middle of the forest! I had to take a bath three times during the entire stay because I definitely love its concept! The same applies to the other bathrooms except that ours was the best of them all.

Natural Pool and River


Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

Apart from the beauty of nature, checked in guests can also enjoy the free-flowing water of its pool, infinity with again, limestone rocks attached to its sides. The infinity style makes it even more interesting.

"True serenity, offers pure relaxation and nature appreciation!"

- Jean Figues

Kids can enjoy the shallow side of it while adults can swim through the deeper parts, jumping, diving was allowed at your own risk. It is quite cool to have a pool right in the middle of a forest or a mountain!

Another getting soaked option is to get to the river next to the farm. The river comes from a waterfall which has to trek for an hour. Although I didn't try to go to where the waterfalls were, I had an early morning internalization at the riverside, alone with only the relaxing music of the rushing waters and the breeze of cold air as it made the tree branches and leaves dance to its rhythm.

The Morning View



Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

"Soul searchers will find solitude and enough time to find their life's meaning."

- Jean Figues

The best view of every mountain resort I have ever been happening during the breaking dawn, when the civil twilight occurs, when the fogs are sitting beneath the trees and the sun's rays start to appear, striking through the fogs eventually breaking them, evaporating out of nowhere. I love to witness this moment and I am glad I got up right on time!


Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

I have to add that when we had our bonfire that evening, we found fireflies flying around the mango trees. It reminded us that this spot right here has a perfect ecosystem where such creatures still live and breath. Still, fireflies made me feel that this place is also magical.

I slept in the loft of our open-air hut, listening to the crickets, peeking through the open skies, with million stars.

Overall Review


Image credits: Stills and Motion (James and Jean Figues) via Facebook

Lava Mountain River Farm is highly recommendable, though some areas may require maintenance, its rusty feel, the broken areas, woods and dried leaves left in the lawns made it more natural and raw.

It is a perfect place for soul searchers, for a family who wants to reconnect and relax, workmates who are in for trekking and most especially to those individuals and groups who are seeking for spiritual healing.

Nature gives the best medicine! Lava Mountain River Farm provides this drop!


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