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There is no such strategy for recruitment in Ufone they recruit for all posts altogether so that they could save the cost of recruiting separately for different posts. They advertise the posts available and ask for CVs from the interested candidates and pick the ones they think would fit the best. Interviews are done then of the ones who were picked and some of them are then selected for the available posts. All the employees selected then are trained, some are sent to the head office for the trainings and some of them are trained on the job depending on their nature of job. For the retention of the employees they do a lot of things and provide a lot of incentives.

The manager of the Ufone (Islamabad) branch told me that the company thinks that the amount we spend on recuruitment process and hten on the training of the employees, if we spend a little more on the employees regularly we will have more loyal employees, we will not have to waste time on recruitment processes again and again and the quality of the work from all the employees will be higher as well. To make sure that the employees stay with us and our staff turnover is as low as possible we give them bonuses, recognize their good work in the form of employees of the month and year and those who work hard for it they get a wage rise plus bonuses. The wages of the employees of UFONE are more than the competitors pay to their employees and because of this as well the employees don’t leave the jobs but in the first place the employees of UFONE are so much involved and interested in their work and so motivated that they love working in their company and want to stay in the company for a pretty long period of time.


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