Refrigerator Mechanical Cycle Components And Their work

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I have written the different blogs in the film Annex. Today I have wrote a topic which is related with the study and as well as in our daily life use.


Compressor: This is the basic unit of refrigeration cycle. We can guess from it’s name that this component is used for create or increase the pressure. It gains the refrigeration gas at low pressure. After increasing the pressure it released the compressed gas. Basically it consists on a cylinder. In a cylinder a piston is used. Piston moves in the up and down direction in the compressor. When piston moves down then the gap will produce. When the suction will be open then the cylinder will be filled with the refrigerant gas. When the piston moves in forward direction it compressed the refrigerant gas to the next section.

Evaporation: When refrigerant gas enter in to evaporator in liquid form. And its pressure is also very low when it enters into the evaporation. Here the liquid refrigerant gas pressure will be 1.5kg/cm square. Refrigerant gas sucks the heat of things which are in evaporator. After sucking it will be evaporate. In this way there will be the presence of coolness in the evaporator. After evaporation refrigerant gas will go in to the compressor.

Condenser: Condenser consists on metal tubes which present on the wire grill. Condenser work is to condense the vapour refrigerant without decreasing the pressure. Mean condenser convert the refrigerant gas in to the form of liquid. This is very important. Therefore we put our refrigerators with the difference of 20 – 25 cm from the walls.

Capillary Tubes: Capillary tubes are also called expansion valves. High pressure refrigerant in the form of liquid goes from condenser to receiver. And after passing from receiver it goes from capillary tubes to the evaporator. Capillary tubes lengths are 1.5 metre and its diameter is 0.04 inches. This is the mechanical refrigeration process and it will be repeats every time.

From my this blog I hope you will get some knowledge about mechanical refrigeration cycle.   

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