responsibility of a safety manager. safety series part 3

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Well there are some responsibilities of a safety manager in a workplace that need to be done by manager.

managers are responsible for doing proper risk assessment or review the risk assessment done by the supervisors or the safety officers. and can do necessarily changes in it. it is the key responsibility of a manager to provide accident free environment to the worker and employees by maintening safety standards .

however of the accident occurs then it is the responsibility of a manager to arrange replacement labour, also he should carry out the investigation of a accident and find why the accident happens and what should have done in order to prevent accident from happening in future.

Manager is liable to the upper management team so he should be asked by senior manager or directors that why safety standards are not maintained or why the accident happens. so managers should actively moniter his workplace and should necessary changes time by time.

because if the manager is doing his job proactively then there will be less or nominal chance of a accident to be happen.

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