Right mind and Wrong mind

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Right mind and Wrong mind

Upon reading the nice story Right Mind and Wrong Mind from Panchatantra, I felt happy and joyous, that s why; this nice story gives us lots of moral lessons that by following it we can have a better life and without problems.


In this story there were two kinds of different characters in this story which Right Mind who was honest, innocent, and soft hearted while another one was Wrong Mind who was cruel, charming, layer, deceitful, and selfish one, so the Wrong mind wanted to deceive the Right mind but he couldn’t succeed it, that s why; most of time honesty is the winner, so no one can overcome the honesty.


On the other hand this story shows that there are lots of people in the world who have many faces, one behind another one, but anything they do wrongly one day it will be revealed.

Besides, it says that there are a lot of people in the world who have soft speeches but with hard hearts that can damage, kill or deceive many people.


In addition, it shows the one who dig a well for someone (create a problem) one day will be dug in that well and the one who is innocent never be killed or hung up cruelty, therefore; this story has nice messages for us.


Moreover, the best lesson that gives us is to be honest in any situation. For example: one day, on the being sophomore I was very sick and didn’t go to faculty, so tomorrow when I went to faculty I was not aware of exam, so my friend didn’t tell me about tomorrow exam, however; she knew about it, but God is great, during the way I saw the teacher who told me about tomorrow exam then I went to house and prepared myself well in the exam and could pass it tomorrow successfully.


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