Road safety (2)

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This is the second part of my road safety blog.I will discuss some of the more features of road safety in this blog.

Another  factor which is very imporatnt with respect to road safety is that  many of us don’t follow the trafic signals.We all want that our side of traffic signal always remain open.If we think for a while we will notice that trafic signals are made for our safety and luxry.If there were no traffic signals then there will always be a traffic jam because like us every one is in hurry in this world.

In midnight the roads are low crowded as compared to day , some people saw redlight and then they see that the roads are empty they pass the signal without even stop their vehicles .This is how the accidents happens  because if you can do this ,many other people also think of it. The good way is this that either it’s day or night one should stop on red light and move their vehicle on the green light.

Many  people drive their vehicles very fast. It is also one of the main responsible factor of road safety.The traffic control department have provided the speed limits on the roads with respect to the road condition and the area around the road. On fast highways the normal speed limit is from 80 kmh to 100 but on normal roads it is 60.Many people drive their  cars very fast in the streets which is very dangerous for them as well as other people.We all should try to avoid going fast and try to obey all the traffic rules of speed limit .

The common situation which also arise in or daily life is that many bike drivers didn’t wear helmets .This is extremly dangerously for them .The helmet keeps one safe frrom any bad situation as well as the mirror  also  save our eyes from  winds etc .Many youngsters didn’t wear helmet because their hairs did not remain set due to helmet .For a vehicle like bike ,every one of us should wear helmet because first we have to think about our own security.

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