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Police is very important feature of the society. I t plays an important role in our lives. Policemen work very hard. They work all the daylong to make better the law and order situation of the city. Inspit3e of their low income, they work sincerely and selflessly. To keep or maintain law and order in village and cities, and see that no one is working against the law of the land; nobody is oppressing anyone; to arrest the thieves and find where the crimes are being done. All these are responsibilities of the police.

They give importance to justice and fair dealing. They do not let the rich person free if he is a criminal. They arrest the law barker without the difference of the rich and poor people lead a peaceful life in their presence. But there are some dishonest and corrupt people in this department. They are harsh and unkind to people. They flout human dignity. They have different treatment with different people.

The rich and the wealthy are no questioned and interrogated on committing a serious crime or breaking the law. The poor are insulted at the break of an ordinary law. They accept bribe and illegal gratification from the law breakers and criminals. They support the thieves and criminals. The crime rate is rising due to the defective working of the police. Government should take steps to reduce the crime rate and check the black sheep of this department. Policeman must show respect and dignity to every person without his caste and creed.

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