Role of proteins in a kids life

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We all know that our body is made up of different types of nutrients all of which are equally important for our body to work at it's optimal level.

Now, every nutrients has it's place, there's one, proteins, which is easily refused by most kids when they reach at the age of 2. Proteins is a very important factor working in the process of growth of a child and kids usually don't like food items that are rich in proteins, like eggs and meat. The children like carbs and they even drink oral supplements of basic vitamins and minerals but you cannot give them protein shakes and protein supplements, that's the real problem and when they lack proteins, they will start showing lack in basic growth process, like, speaking. 

I know, there are many mothers who want answers to why aren't their 2 year old is talking? They go to doctors and force their little ones to undergo various tests and tough routines rather than focusing on their child and figuring out the problem. I know three mothers whose problem was such. I suggested them two tips and they saw drastic changes in their kids. 

Want to know the two important tricks on how can you make your kids take in proteins, follow these tricks and let me know how it goes.

1. Raw egg in milk= I know most of you all are like yuck! Who does that to a 2 year old??? Believe me, they will love you for it for the rest of their lives. It's a golden technique used by our ancestors for the betterment of our health and it works! Do your study too if you think I'm not right. One thing, I will recommend feeding pure organic eggs to your kids of any age. The typical big white eggs won't give you fruits.

2. Beef and lentil kababs = if you cook, on a slow cooker, beef and lentil with the seasoning of your choice then chop them up in a chopper. If you like you can add in chopped veggies of your choice and make kababs, patties, fry on low heat till dark and walahhh!!! You can try them too they are delicious and will help your kid with his/her proteins.

Please do let me know what you guys think and comment if you have other suggestions too that can help a child with his basic nutrients and which is acceptable by them too.

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