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The last few days I have been searching the internet for Royalty Free Music to use in my films. I have found a lot of great sites but also a lot of not so great sites. Here are a few of the best places I have found that supply royalty free music for use in your films:

Kevin Macleod - 

- This is a great website created by composer Kevin Macleod. This site has one of the best and diverse music collections and it is all free to download. All of the music on this site is royalty free and under a creative commons license, meaning that you can use the music for your own films and even for commercial use. All he asks is that you credit him somewhere in your film. 

Tom Fahy -

-This is another great website for Royalty Free music under the creative commons license. There is a vast selection of music here and the website is easily navigable. Once again, all he asks is that you credit him and the song you used in your film.

Alastair Cameron -

- Alastair Cameron offers both royalty free music tracks and free sound effects. He has a great selection of music and uses 'soundcloud' to play his music which makes searching through the songs quick and easy. Music and sound effects are free and he does ask that you credit him in your work. 

Soundcloud -

- Soundcloud have opened up a creative commons section where a lot of the music is free to download and use in your work. The music here is a lot more contemporary but be sure to check the type of license attributed to the song wish to use as it may not be allowed for commercial use.

I hope this helps and if you guys have any more royalty free music websites you have found useful, please do post them in the comments section. 

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