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one day you'll be just a memory to people,so make sure you'r a good one

safron is plant that a few years has onions.this onions has sheath that has coffe colour.

we can find this plant or south west of asia,southern spain and southern erope.this plant has stem and six petal that has violet and three red stigmas.

the colour of flower is orange stigma.height of safron is 10 to is the shape of safron that flowers get out from stem.the flowers are very beautiful and have 6 purple petal.we should keep safron from sun or light of nature and dampness.we should put safron or glass ware and metallic ware.

the stigma of safron is full of fat minerals and munclage.

every 100 to 200 thousand we can recive 5kg flowers of safron that wieght of every fresh safron after shriveling may be 1kg.

safron decrease the oilinees and cholestrol of blood,it is sadative and avoids from hearth sicknees and abetments our memory.saffron treats stomach pang.

it helps us for eligest of good.safron is useful for abviate of depression and for treat of nervous pain.safron gives espicial colour and aromatic odour to food stuff in this case it use for making sausage.

using 3 gram safron for every person is very useful just about one month.using 5 gr in our month is baneful and using 5 gr safron has some problems like decrease of hearth throb blood shed from nose,blood shed from eyelid and it may leads to death.

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