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This tasty dish, Sajji is a popular in Balochistan province of Pakistan and one which I personally had the pleasure of trying. the Balochi sajji consists of salt marinated whole Lamb or Chicken in skewers (fat and meat intact), stuffed with rice and then roasted over coal. Balochi Sajji is considered done when it is at the "rare" stage, and it is served with a special bread called "naan" or "Roti" which is wrapped around a stone"tandoor" and baked in an oven. Although, Sajji is now enjoyed all over the country with minor differences in flavoring most notably in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi where it  is served with chicken and cooked until medium to well done.

I personally have never been to any of these places, but I looked up online and some famous places in Karachi and Lahore are Tando Adam Khan, Quetta Sajji House and Food Stree. Bon apetit!!!



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