Sanya Richards-Ross on Expanding her Brand Beyond Track and Field

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The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade sat down to talk to Sanya Richards-Ross about her WE tv show “Glam and Gold”. Sanya talks about the decision to wait to have children with Aaron Ross, saying that when she has kids she wants them to be the main focus and not her track career. Sandra has become one of the few Olympic medallist to expand her brand in between the four years that pass before we normally see them again. She says “My Dad always told me as a kid not to be one dimensional”, Sandra says that this type of mentality is what lead her to focus on a hair solon, fashion, and a television show. The track star explains why she chooses to work with family over having a corporate publicist, she tells us that she did work with non family members in the beginning but did not like the experience as much and that she will work with family as long as possible. She also talks about life after track, saying physical injuries have forced her to explore other avenues for the future, which is why she is expanding her brand off the track. Sandra also says that one of the pluses of being on a reality show is that others are able to see her in a different light and she is able to look at herself from an outside perspective and grow from it. Sandra also weighs in on the current A-Rod scandal, she says when someone does cheat it is very hard because the person that deserved the glory and success misses out on it. She also says that one of her proudest moments was when one of her greatest heros Jackie Joyner Kersee reached out to her in support and credits her father with pushing her throughout her career. You can catch “Glam and Gold” every Thursday on WE tv at 9PM EDT.

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