Schools, colleges and training istitutes

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Schools are places where education is delivered to students. The purpose of this education is to help us think about the world and the various things in it. For this purpose there are many subjects in our syllabus. It provide us knowledge about history, literature, science and technology.

A syllabus usually means the list of books given to the students at the beginning of each year, but syllabus also means the thinking behind that education. Obviously, someone has organized the subjects to be studied at schools and the topics that should be covered in each subject. All that information is recorded in special document which is called a syllabus, or curriculum and is usually prepared by the government of each province.

After passing the school level examination, a student can go on to a college or a training institute. At that point  a student must decide what he or she want to become in his or her life, and choose the college or institute accordingly. There are many professions to choose from and it is usually a good idea to pick according to one’s interests. Those who choose services and research related jobs usually go to the universities after college.       

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