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No doubt, science is a miracle of 20th century. Its outstanding performance in every field of life cannot be written in words. Science has become more valuable friend of man. With the passage of time, this relation is also improving. Science is also a foe of man when it is used for negative purposes. But its advantages are more than disadvantages.

Science has improved our means of communication and transportation. Now long distances are covered in hours rather than days. With the invention of computers, a lot of facilities are enjoyed by mankind. Internet has explored a new and swift world before us. Now we can solve our problems at our home

Industrial development is due to science. All the machines which are working in an industry are assembled on scientific basis. A work which took days in past, Now can be done in minutes.

The greatest achievement of science is in the field of prevention of different diseases. In the past seven out of eight babies died before reaching their first birthday. By the use of scientific method, life rate is higher than the death rate. Now government is setting up family planning centers to control the birth rate. Now we can buy agricultural products throughout the year without any difficulty.