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 Having self confidence is very important in every human regardless of their age, sex,race or status. It is obviously encouraged from your childhood onwards. It is all about having a very positive attitude towards yourself allowing you to have a positive approach on your thoughts about what or who you are & what your capabilities are.

Having self confidence does not mean you are able to do anything & everything, it just means whatever you wish to do you have a very positive towards it having alot of confidence in yourself. Having confidence in yourself doesnt mean you want to suceed in everything you do, it just means you accept everything that comes to you positively.

People who lack self confidence depend alot on other people,& the fact of what other people will think & say also also matters to them, which again this is lacking in self confidence which will result in preventing you from undertaking simple tasks in your life with this fear you will fail. They have a very negative thought about themselves & are very laid back in carrying out any different tasks.

HOW TO DEVELOP SELF CONFIDENCE..... Having self confidence means the involvment of many factors. As mentioned before this is developed in your childhood, so parents attitude towards the person has a very crucial role in how the person feels about themselves. Providing your child with love, warmth, security, acceptance & also respect is a very solid foundation of feeling good in yourself.

Critising, always telling off or not communicating will make the child start to believe thay are worthless & can do nothing for themselves. Not focusing to much on family, i think friends also have a big role to play. Their influence can be very powerful towards having a negative or positive attitude towards yourself...........

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