Kavi was a nice girl and she mix with people easily.She loves to write poems and most of the time she was full of happiness. I have never seen her sad.She was good in teaching and after she completed her study she started to teach kids of class 5 to 10 and she became popular because of her way of explaining the stuffs to kids.Her student are getting nice score and she was so happy for that.She was not charging much for all this students

One fine day she got married at that time she was 26.She was bit happy.She got married in business family and she used to learn few new things in life but as she was intelligent she started taking all responsibilities well.

But after 1 year of marriage now she started to get worried because she wanted to have baby and her husband and in laws wanted to wait for 1 or 2 years more.She knew that if her age turns more then there might be complications so she was insisting for early baby and she became sad.Her mind was surrounded by negative thoughts and she was bit upset. I have advised her to remain happy in such situation but she was unable to do that. I am stil counseling her to remain normal lets see how best my efforts work on her