*Smart Pixal*

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 *Smart Pixal*
*It is a software by which we can record the performance at our screen of computer, e.g if we play any game on computer, we can record it by the help of this software {smart pixal}.*

Firstly, make sure that this software is present in your computer. If it is not, then download this software, just type the name of this software in Google . Google shows you many other options about this software. Select the option with download smart pixal.
After searching,all related this software links will be shown on screen. click on any link having the download option. This will be the last stage of processing for the downloading of this software.
 Move your mouse cursor on the option of download and save the settings and enjoy the features of this software made for you.

How can we use smart pixal for recoding ?

 It is very simple to start this software like as other simple softwares.
 Click on the *start* at left corner of the monitor screen. Following programs will be shown, click on *program* then find your software (smart pixal) in list of the programs and just click on the name of software then it will be opened.
At first stage the page will show on your screen having three options procedure, recorder and webcam.
 Chose the option as you want. For recording: choose the option (recorder). Another small page will be shown at the corner of your screen, minimize this page.


Now the software (smart pixal) is active in your computer background.
 Open another program like games or any other, and just press the key F11 for start the recording and press F12 for stop the recording by smart pixal.
 After you recording, obviously, you want to check your recorded media clip. For this purpose, go to my computer then open the derive C, then program files, you may see the name of smart pixal in list of your programing page. open the folder of smart pixal then saved, and then video's folder. 

 Now your recorded clip is in front of your eyes. Enjoy this software, and save your crazy moment and share them to others.
 I hope you enjoyed my blog and got some helpful information.

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