Social instability and Media

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I was reading the headlines of newspaper and a headline got my attention it was the news of murder case. According to that news in an educational institution of Rawalpindi a boy killed a girl to whom he loves after the four years of their marriage. The reason of murder was doubts arisen between them, which angered the boy to do this heinous crime. On reading the news it felt like a movie scene but sadly it's not a movie scene.

In fact, such incidents are common in our society. This news made ​​me think that all this happens in our society, and then what will be the future of Pakistan? Intolerance has reduced our ability of thinking and to decide, what is this attitude?  Today, Tolerance in our society has become quite rare and such cases are becoming common and part of society. Sometimes, someone in Lahore acts suicidal drama for the sake of cheap publicity and takes the recourse of love for this purpose. Someone kills his beloved when her parents are not willing for their marriage. Some after rejection in one sided love throw acid on the face of girls. There are some people who kill their daughters and sister in public places with stones and bricks fires with the name of so-called honor killing and some for their sexual lust rape the five year innocent girl and make her the victim of sexual abuse.  It seems like everyone in the community is surrounded by intolerance and instability.

It is said that “Excess of everything is bad”. A major cause of instability is the availability of outrageous content on social media. Today media has become a weapon to spoil our behaviors but still we follow social media. The rapid use of mobile Internet has misled the younger generation. People are now addict of movies and dramas and also apply these movies on their real lives. Today, the situation of our society is this without getting familiar with the feelings and emotions in real world they fall in love on mobiles .If they fail in love then by keeping in view the movie scene they go for revenge.

News channels for their maximum rating reports the sexual offenses by making them spicy and they do not care what will be its impact on younger generations of society. Today, intolerance and social media has undermined the society. If this situation remains the same then the time is not far when society will be completely destroyed. 

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