Social Media - Advantages to an Inspiring Animator!

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Jonathan Ng is an excellent example of someone who has gained the knowledge that the use of social media as a promotional tool can be an excellent asset.

In his case, this is as an animation filmmaker, but it can also be applied in a vast amount of circumstances whether you have something to promote personally or professionally. Amongst other inspiring comments he highlights this point in the video below which also features clips of his work including a cartoon portrayal of how he started out with his drawings as a child, called Asthma Tech!

Ng admits that he only used Facebook during production, but later discovered through Film Annex how sharing across additional social platforms such as Twitter, where he maintains an account, would be of benefit to him revenue-wise. He also realised that if he hadn’t shared across these platforms he would have been held back professionally. He highlights the point that online distribution enables you to meet a greater range of people you potentially want to reach.

If you wish to use social media as a great promotional tool, after setting up your accounts on sites such as Facebook and Twitter it is best to allow a few minutes each day to make sure your pages stay fresh and to update them. Whilst it is important to be ‘liked’ on Facebook and ‘followed’ on Twitter, make sure all of these people are ‘quality’ contacts who will genuinely care and be interested in what you are trying to promote. If you are sensible about it there is no reason why just like in the inspirational Jonathan Ng’s case, social networking shouldn’t work for you!

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