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Today, the world of web is full of likes. Made popular by the Facebook, the like button is perhaps the single most effective barometer of how popular or unpopular a post or a comment has been over someone’s timeline or its reach and visibility over a period of time. Such mechanisms have also come up over bookmarks where social bookmarking made it possible for people to share what they liked over web.



Things moved ahead and came applications such as Saavn and others have come up where people share music simply by way to creating and searching playlists. But what’s missing in all these sharing efforts largely is the off internet activity world, i.e. the daily lives people spend such as shopping, sports, movies, outings etc. Largely, the online social bookmarking, recommendations and use of likes has been geared towards users of internet who surf the web for a longer period of time and have time to browse through the interesting recommendations for things to explore , again on web only 


An opportunity was spotted here to allow people to interact with each other while they are away from dedicate internet usage, and came up service like Foursquare which help people locate things of interest  in their own vicinity. The idea is to pull the information out of all those who are willing to share their good experiences with others.

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