Some facts about Great Barrier Reef

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Some facts about Great Barrier Reef

The perfect place for snorkelling, sailing and fishing is the Great Barrier Reef. Let me tell some interesting facts about this amazing underwater world. It is located in the Coral Sea in Australia.
1. This is the world’s largest coral reef;
2. It occupies more than 900 islands;
3. It is made of about 2900 reefs and stretches for over 2600 km.
4. There are more than 1500 fish species, 125 species of shark, 133 species of spawn and many more beautiful animals can be found there.
5. As its water flow is a little bit of warm in temperature, the water looks so clear and transparent.
6. About 2 million of people visit the reef every year.
There are varieties of cruises available to suit your budget and it can be a single day trip.

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