Some Good Things Must Come to an End at Some Point

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7 months! Time really flies so fast when you're enjoying your time! For all those 7 months I spent on this platform, I met so many friends. Some even made a special place in my heart. They have been a good Ate's and Kuya's, Bro's and Sis!

Life here at bitLanders is full of ups and downs. May it be your buzz score, earnings or buzzers... But what's important are those moments you enjoyed each time you find yourself online and visiting your friend's pages and discovering something new and crazy!

I must say that I really earned some extra bucks here, adding an extra fun to my stay here rather than wasting time on Facebook! But some good things must come to and at some point.

Quitting? Giving Up? Let's put it this way... I'm letting go of bitLanders. Not because I'm tired of low earnings or whatnot, in fact my earnings are stable. Well, being here in this site requires something. And it's commitment. 


It's hard to say good bye so I'm not really going to close my laptop and leave bitLanders for good or forever. It is just a matter of unloading things in life. If it's some sort of a heavy baggage, for me and for my age, definitely it is. I still have school and I guess that's more of my priority right now.

To end this blog. I'm not really going to quit. But will lie low for my usual stuff and daily routine here. For those people who have been with me here (too many to mention) I just wanna say THANK YOU! :)


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