Some of the best 2 broke girls quotes to get you by life

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I'm trying to make my page more of the kind that I could do on tumblr.

I love 2 broke girls and don't judge me. I am the kind of person who's aware of being politically correct but the show just kills me every time. Just hang on for 2 broke girls quote to satisfy the meaning of your life. 

Sober and drunk Caroline gets in Max's bed 

2 Broke Girls gets dirtier in every episode

Max's favorite things to do:


Damn right life lesson, everyone

2 Broke Girls - LOVE max black! LOVE Kat Dennings!

Things I would actually like to say

lmao She says all the things I hold in.

so many types of bitches! 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls. It's complicated.

2 broke girls

You see? 

Yeah I love the show!

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