Sometimes you just wanna runaway

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I guess my Melancholic temperament is attacking me again. Well it is not being emotional or something but in this kind of situation of my life it feels like i just wanna runaway from everything. Lol

I am not running away from responsibilities or pressure but i guess my soul really needs a break from every circumstances i've been through. Besides we are just humans, and even superheroes get tired sometimes. My desire to go to some places really will give me an opportunity to think, relax and meditate. But not that i will go to travel to a far place. Maybe i just need to go out to have some fresh air to breathe. Talk to the right people and eat. Yeah let's go with that. 

But time will come that i will surely visit this places, but for now i would like to thank Tumblr for showing me this, God's marvelous Creation. :)


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