Speech delay confused with autism

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Hey all

I'm here to share a little confusion that what is the difference between speech delay and autism. Well it is easily confused between the two, my son who is 3 years old is unable to talk, we all thought that it's because he is suffering from autism, but that's not the deal, phew, the real problem with him was speech delay, that was clearly caused by excessive looking at screens. TV screens, laptops, tablets, phones, you name it, he's a big gamer and like to spend most of his time playing video games and watching TV at the same time. It caused him to not to talk or even try to talk. Some says it's genetically transferred to him by my mother, who talked late as well, and some say it's because of excessive screens. It's sure not autism. My friend was concerned about her son not talking and was confused with autism but was negative. Autism is a serious factor and needs proper response. Speech delay on the other hand requires too but you need to point out the main cause first that what is the problem with your child rather than crash on hasty conclusions.

I will recommend everyone to please talk about your issues. Today we are blessed with numerous pages and sites and platforms where we can ask and express our feelings and quiries.

Tell me what you guys think about this issue and if I'm wrong please correct me and help me with my son who is not talking but doing all the normal stuff like he communicates with me in a normal way every child should.

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