spiritual leson#2

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   the soul of human is pure light but our body is dusted and unpure because we desired to  ling in this world so we have to improve our soul to success for mor devolepment work hard.  if we fight against the nufs anddesires of our extra demands insha All  willenter the paradize.       

for purely dry objects like earth and stone cannot be kindled into flames, nor does a wet thing like water attract fire, which is composed of various component parts, but this does not mean that all compound things like mud are capable of attracting fire. It is essential that the earth be compounded several times in order to become suitable for catching fire. In like manner Allah the Almighty, prepares the earth in a special manner till it becomes fit for vegetation, and when man eats it, it is introduced into the stomach, the liver receives the cream and essence of it and transmits it to the heart; the heart in like manner extracts the essence of this in the shape of pure blood, which is further purified in the form of sperm, as a result of the sexual intercourse, and when the womb receives it, it is assisted by the blood cf menses. Then