Sports and Extra Circular activities

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Sports and Extra circular activities are parts of our daily’s lives. We can get enjoyment through the sports. Sports are very necessary for the relaxation of mind. Because Human's body and brain can't work in all the day. We can get energy and power through the sports games.

There are many good games are added in the sports games like Cricket, Football, Wrestling, Hockey etc. Sports are very hopeful to maintain health for human body and mind. We get discipline through the sports. In the different games, we use our mind so it is very excited for any player and he will make this game very interesting.


Sports and extra circular activities improve our efficiency of our body's moment. Because any human can't study in the whole day and he will fell some stress. Without Sports, Study is incomplete. So every schools and colleges are responsible to held the sports festivals for their young students.

  We can learn tolerance and friendly spirit through the games. Sports are very important part of the each student's life and if they will study on the whole day then they fell the some bad stress.

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