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Stacey has been in the hedge fund industry for over 7 years. She has been responsible for investor relations and marketing in this industry. She has actively worked with many philanthropic organizations and has also volunteered for many. Stacey is spearheading the effort called “Portfolios with Purpose.” Portfolios with Purpose (PwP) is a unique concept that encourages philanthropists to actively invest in their favorite charities. PwP is an annual stock selection competition. There are 3 different levels meant for 3 different kinds of investors beginning from the novices to professionals to masters. The novice class just needs you to pay $100 to compete in that level. The professional class needs $1000 and minimum two years of investing experience. The Master Class is for very well-known investors and philanthropists who have a lot of investing experience behind them and they need to pay $10000. Each player competes for their charity. Five stocks are chosen at the beginning of the year by each player along with the charity that they believe in. The winners for each category in terms of maximum earning are declared at the end of the year. This win is for their charities. This initiative helps spread awareness about charitable causes and tries to bring philanthropists together for greater causes.

This online initiative is popularized through social media. It helps mobilize people together globally for charities that they are passionate about. Stacey believes that social media has helped revolutionize this concept of philanthropy and has enabled people to do something good and to work for a higher motive. She believes that PwP can help countries like Afghanistan and its citizens as well. The participants can choose their favorite charity and compete to make it win. The competition also provides a global platform to come together with like-minded people with a noble goal. It is also a great place to learn about investing and to see and understand which stocks work well and the entire process of choosing and working with them. She hopes that this initiative will bring forth more and more individuals who will think about doing much more beyond their routine daily lives and will actually increase people’s commitment to charitable giving.

Stacey is a motivational person to hear. She speaks with exuberance about a cause that is close to her heart. And, she sincerely hopes that emerging economies like Afghanistan can benefit from initiatives such as these. Do see her complete interview in the video above.

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