Start a conversation with your Customers with bitMiles: Ask questions and Send Rewards

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Engagement rate is one of the key metrics brands and companies look at when assessing their social media efforts.

How do you engage with your audience? The same way you would engage with a person! By starting a conversation and knowing more about the person you're talking to. How to know more about someone? By asking questions!

If you're a brand, ask yourself: what are the 3 to 5 questions you'd like to ask your customers or userbase? What are the questions that would help you identify your brand ambassadors, your customers' needs and expectations?

Once you have those questions ready, decide how you would like to reward your userbase for taking the time to answer those questions. We'll implement it all thanks to our new technology, bitMiles.

We are already using it on our platform where our 500,000 users complete 200,000 tasks daily and collect as many rewards. Since we implemented bitMiles, the time per session grew from 2 to 16 minutes.

Test it on your own platform or use ours. Contact us!



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