Steganography and Cryptography in image(continue of last part)

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As before I mentioned which steganography is the hiding massages in object and cryptography is the encrypted massage in another type means that the massages change to another type of which the intrusion can’t understand the mean of the message, in here I want say something about the technique of steganography.

  1. LSB (Least significant Bit) it is change the least significant Bit of the message this technique is so sample and also vulnerable to events.
  2. Converting image from one format to another format by compression the image like GIF or BMP to JPEG.

LSB hides the massage in special domain in here is some other technique which hide the massage in frequency domain like:

    Discrete Cosine Transform – DCT

            Wavelet Transform – WT

  1. Discrete Cosine Transform – DCT: this technique transform the data from special domain to frequency domain and hide the massage in the middle part of the image because this part is not visible for human eyes.
  2.   Wavelet Transform—WT: this technique produce the image in to 4 separates part like

Lowe pass Rows

Low Pass Cloms

Low pass rows

High pass cloms

Low pass rows

High pass cloms

High pass Rows

High Pass Cloms


And hide the massage in high pass rows and high pass cloms.

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