stomach problems and solutions

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stomach problems for this reason


* Depends upon the diet, of your daily routine and working hours.

* What your daily Habits , and how much water you drink per day.

* There are people who intake junk foods from out side like, there are pizza and burgers and other products which is very bad for health.

* Too much intake of cheese which makes the liver upset this also the big reason.


Solutions for this reason

* Early in the morning when you get up, brush your teeth and drink 1 glass of warm water if there is little pain in stomach.

* In breakfast have some cucumber and carrot juice, and you can make sandwich also best for the breakfast.

* Have some walk after breakfast.

* At lunch, have some thing like light lunch, do not forget to add yoghurt because its kill the bacteria and fights intestinal infections.

* Do not take too much coffee or tea because in stomach problems its comes up like acid reflux and you feel salty water in the mouth.

* Evening have some apple and oranges so its make cool the stomach.

* At night have light food and walk for 20 to 30 minutes do not go for direct sleep in bed.

* If Too much pains occur call for emergency service.


Important Notes :-

If There is pain in the stomach more than three days rush to the nearest hospitals do not wait for long time. keep yourself safe and healthy.





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