Story of a girl that got a dead body Part 1

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The girl is the main character of the play. The story of the play revolves around her. She is of about 23 years. There clothes are wet and muddy.  She was at a party. It was a dark and stormy night.

She could have stayed all night with his friend but she thought she had enough gas to get home. She ran out of gas on our way home. she took her flashlight and lock the car and started walking down on the road.She knew she could get a bus when it came alone. She must have walked just a little way when she noticed a car pulled off into a lane.

she went near the car to get some gas before she could call out. she saw someone opening the front door of the car and the dead body of a woman being dragged out in the mud. she was extremely frightened she dropped  his flashlight and start running. she could hear him behind her.She reach a bus stop.

there was already a man in the room she told him that the killer was following her and requested him to help her.she asked her if she could identify him or she had reported to the police. she replied in the negative and began to sop. then a second man knock at the door.

she got into a woman's room and second man entered the room to take shelter from the stormy whether. she was afraid of the second man because she thought he was a killer but she was confident that the first man who would help her.

the second man ask the girls if somebody was bothering her and how far is she had to go. she told him that she had to go to the town.


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