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My mom is my important people in the life .She is a teacher in a big school.She teaches Literature.She is 38 years old.She is tall and strong.She has a good shape.She has an oval face with a long black hair.She has a delicate nose in front of the red full lips.Her eyes are black and affactionate.Her ears are big.Her hands are white.Outside,she isn’t beautiful than others,but in my eyes,she is the most beautiful.She cooks delicous food and very great.I love her food.It countains feeling for my mother.My mother also looks after me when I am a kid.My mom always teaches me Literature in the evenings.My mom usually kind and esy going with everyone.And she always smeil.She is very kind with my family so I love her very much.Because love her so I will learn very good for her often happy and has many fun.

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