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 Each year we always search for new places to visit and cool things to see well, how about the Northern Lights of Iceland otherwise known as aurora borealis splashed across a gorgeous night sky.

 Seeing this wonderful night sky depends on certain factors including weather, timing and a little bit of luck but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible considering the fact that Northern Europe spends much of the year covered in darkness.


When it comes to Iceland, the Northern Lights are most prevalent between September through March, which is perfect for any traveler or explorer who seeks beauty or adventure without paying those hefty prices during the summer months.

 Just imagine seeing these gorgeous lights with your own two eyes; ribbons of greens, blues, purples and reds, if you’re lucky. We’re practically programmed to seek these sights and awe at the different variations of beauty within nature.


Some of you may ask, exactly how does the aurora borealis work? The answer is not as complicated as we may presume. Basically, without going into too many specifics, the auroras occur when highly charged particles from the solar wind, which streams from the sun, interact with elements in the Earth’s atmosphere.

 These solar winds are drawn to our planet by the Earth’s magnetic force generated by the Earth’s core. Now the different colors of the auroras depend on the element that these highly charged particles encounter anywhere from 20 to 200 miles in altitude.


For instance green and red ribbons appear with oxygen while blue, purple and violet ribbons appear with nitrogen at altitudes reaching up to 150 miles. The reason why auroras seem like they’re dancing is because they sort of are.

 The Northern Lights move and sway smoothly as magnetic and electrical forces continuously interact in different combinations. The science behind the auroras really brings out the beautiful design of nature. 

So next time you’re searching for a destination to travel or even if you just want a little bit of adventure make sure you visit the Northern Lights of Iceland. They are tricky and unpredictable but I can assure you, the wait is worth the beauty.


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