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 I had a very busy week. And every I did schedule didn't go as I planned it.  But today I have been through something that it just sooo weird that I have to share this

. This morning I went to the garage because my car needed his periodical check-up. Then I got a phone call by the police. A very cheerful policemen told me that my mother got into a car accident and that she was brought to the Maasstad Hospital.  I was kinda shocked off course and went straight ahead to the hospital. When I got there and told my mothers name they said she was not there. So I called the police officer. (He gave me his cellphone number which is very rare in our country.). I  said that my mum was not in the hospital and I ask him are you that it really my mum. He was positive and decided to call the ambulance. The ambulance told him that they went to another hospital the Ikazia. So I went over there. When I got there and ask for my mother, the lady behind the desk said that my mother was NOT at their ER.  In the meantime I thought I was going insane and called my jolly policeman again.  He was going insane either.  I asked him which name did you gave? Maybe her maid name? And police officer said no with her own name Mrs Elisabeth Laverzari. I said I am sorry but Mrs Laverzari is not my mother...... I know a Sissi Laverzari......but that NOT my mum.  She is a friend not a close one but just somebody I know and I watch her kid when she has to work.

But can you imagine that in the meantime three hours have past by and in those hours I was worrying about my mum. Driving from hospital to hospital to find out I was not my mum..... I am glad that my mum is okay. and I feel sorry for my friend.....She's okay but needs to stay one day for observation.

We laughed about it me and the policemen. And so did me and my friend. The police men apologized.... He was glad I didn't get mad...It has no use to get mad...I lost enough time...I already told my brother my mum had a accident so know I can tell him that it was all a stupid mistake....

So that was the first part of my day..... it is now 2.50 pm and I have to pick the children from school.....





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