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Takht-e-Safar has a lot of trees and it is a green space. In addition, it has a good pool for swimming and a building on the top of the mountain as well as it has got roundabouts, slides, and swings for the people to enjoy their lives for the moment they are up there.          


       In fact, it is a good place for recreation and studying. If one wants to study something he or she can get even better the lesson there. This is called both entertainment, and studying in an open space.

    Takht-e-Safar is a famous entertaining location in Herat, and people should keep this green space clean.

      Last Friday night, I and my friends went to Takht-e-Safar. In fact, we refreshed our minds by going there. We saw different people including men, women, and young girls. One was swinging, another was having dinner with his or her family members, and some other ones were playing cards with one another. It was really fascinating for me. For some moments, I thought that here is at all not Afghanistan.

    Finally, I can say that Takht-e-Safar is a place which covered with a peace space, and one really enjoys his or her life by going there.

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Roya Saleh was born in Herat, Afghanistan. She has graduated from Tajrebawi High School in 2010. Now, she studies Fine Arts at Herat University. She hopes to become a famous painter in the future. She has painted many paints and has shown them to the pubic in different painting exhibitions.…

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