Taliban influence against NATO and US forces in Afghanistan

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     The current Afghanistan is still in trouble on the perspective of Taliban bands with respect to sustaining a continos peace and stability.Since Taliban has removed from power by US and other NATO forces,more than 1900 US and NATO soldiers are killed and wounded by Taliban forces accidentally.Recently,six US and NATO soldiers were killed by a double covered Taliban soldier.One of the NATO general said that this attack can't stop NATO and US forces from attacking Taliban in using different up to date  military science.Meanwhile,the Taliban forces said that the gorilla attacking system will continue in the military areas of the Taliban and US forces.After new military forces were added to the existing force in the country,Taliban forces have increased their attacks against NATO and US forces.US generals said that the new attacking system of Taliban is not the main concern of the military force since it has already known their power and maximum ability to produce something negative so that the new military force is ready to defend this type of attack at any times of the operation.Whatever the situation is,the government of Afghanistan should be ready to set out a new method of responding 'the right' answer for the violence makers of the community specifically concentrated in Taliban military arms.Still the civilian society of Afghanistan needs peace and safe environment than any other times and the government should also be on the side of the people to maintain long term peace and stability by leading the people as a hand and glove relationship mainly for the dignity of human nature.




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