Taliban, NATO, ISAF and 2014 the confusing words of my mind

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Taliban, NATO, ISAF, 2014 everything has gotten so much confusing now days. I seriously have no idea about what is going to happen but it is getting scarier as we are getting near and nearer to it. It has almost been three years since I first heard about 2014 form a teacher of mine Sir Aziz Royesh, yet I have not been able to solve it in my mind or forget it. Today after listening to the Anders fogh the NATO secretary General talking about leaving Afghanistan in 2014, I become even more concern about my country.

 Thinking of my beloved home country Afghanistan going back to the past is making me feel frightened. Though he seems to be hopeful about the future of Afghanistan as he says: “At the end of the 2014 we will not close the book on Afghanistan but we will open a new chapter with small and non-combat mission to train and advice and assist the Afghan forces this can also be a turning point for the Enemies of Afghanistan the old Taliban is saying that you have the clocks we have the time no longer holds and the Taliban can’t just let us out the Afghan security forces are strong and they are getting stronger they are getting support and sustainment, not just now but for the years to come. As they stand ready to sustain the progress of the past ten years the international community will continue to stand with them”.

However he first mentioned that:

Two weeks ago I stood at the president Karzai’s side as he announced that the Afghan security forces will now take the lead for provide the security right across the country. This is a turning point for Afghanistan and for ISAF. For Afghanistan it means that a key goal is inside, a country where security is provided by Afghans for Afghans. It means that decisions on when, how and where to act will be taken by the Afghan government and cared out by its army and police. For ISAF it means that we will no longer plan, lead or execute combat operation but we will continue to help the Afghan troops where needed. We will remain ready for combat until the end of 2014. By any standards this transition is remarkable progress, remember that ten years ago there were no Afghan national security forces. Five years ago there was a fraction of that current strength, two and half years ago when we agreed with the president Karzai on the road map for transition some question whether it could be done? We have shown that it could be done and it is being done. Time and again we have seen the Afghan forces stepping up to the challenges they are facing and managing them with ability and resolve”. But anyhow, how it can be possible, as by the presence of NATO and ISAF in Afghanistan, Taliban could attack and burn many places specially all-girls school so how it is possible that they can’t do it while they are gone??? 


BY: Yasameen Mohammadi 


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Yasameen Mohammadi is a junior student at St.Paul preparatory high school in St.Paul Minnesota. And is currently working at Film Annax as a blogger.

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