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 Humans didn’t born vain and they are living for getting a big target and empiricism living…

Target is an attractive title but apparently is simple.

But many people of a society specially youth doesn’t have any target in their life

Even don’t know why they are living and why they are studying and why they behave and reaction and why they got different purpose in every process of their life.

Today many of the young people think that how can make the nights to day and expire their days up to night…

Just A little of young (male, female) have targets, purposes in their life

Little of them have a target for their future by a schedule.




Being without a target in life is the same as a person with ship in a river that don’t know in which side ride the ship and don’t know where is its purpose.

If he know where his purpose is, he will try to row the ship fast.

Target is like a candle in dark nights that show us the way which by it we can distinguish the right and wrong way.

Target can be a reason for endure the hardships, pains and problems.

The person who doesn’t have any target in his life couldn’t have useful life

And lose the time easily.

There is an important reason in successful person’s life for example philosopher, inventor, famous person is having a target in their life and trying to get it.



Those persons who have a big target in their life, they fight with problems and tolerance hardship and at the end they will earn their goals!

Having a target in life doesn’t need time, we can choose a goal in our life any time! Because having target not belong to a clear time or age! Everybody could have a target to have a nice life and a shiny future.

But just have it not enough and we must try to earn it. The main factor in developed country is having a national goal and every citizen try to earn it.

Unfortunately in our country there is not any national aim and there is not unity among our people.

Every persons have to have target in their life and it is responsibility of media, schools and family to teach children to have a target in their life.


 Zahra Ibrahimi



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she is Zahra Ibrahimi. she is 19 years old. she is graduated from school in 2011.and now she is studding computer science in AIT institute and also she is working in Film Annex as a blogger.

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